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"The Bow Wow Meow service is reliable and Katie is always cheerful even when the winter weather is atrcious! Bonzo loves going out with his dog pals and I feel he's in very safe hands" Bonzos' owner

"Katie is totally reliable and trustworthy. Our dog loves her. We never have to worry when he is in her care. He returns home happy and content. We couldn't recommend anyone more highly" Guston's owner

About us
Hello! Here’s me, out with the dogs doing what I love.

Katie and dogs

My name is Katie Wickes. I’ve been walking groups of dogs for 10 years now and have had animals in my life for all of my life. 

I've owned Bow Wow Meow since Jan 2011 and worked for the previous owner  for 3 years before buying the business from her. Prior to that I worked for one of the very first Dog Walking Services in Brighton called Time for Walkies for over 5 years (now known as Animal Allsorts),all adding up to 10 years in the business. 

I have gained a knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour and psychology through my daily walks with the dogs. A pack of dogs is a different concept than a single dog. They need to find their place within the pack, some are natural leaders (alpha),  some are happy to be docile and passive (beta) while others like to be more independent but safe within the pack. As the ‘leader of the pack’ it’s up to me to keep the dogs in check and prevent any squabbling. If I do find a dog is becoming aggressive for whatever reason I will keep him/her on a lead so they learn their behaviour stops them from having their freedom.

All the dogs I walk are extremely friendly happy dogs and really have gelled as a pack. Even though the line up changes slightly from day to day, all the dogs have walked together in various combinations and are completely at home with each other. For this reason when a new dog joins the group they invariably come in with a passive attitude, realising they are the newcomer they are keen to fit in and join in the fun. It’s such a basic instinct in a dog to be in a pack that they immediately understand what is required of them and having a basic need met is always a positive experience, whatever the species!

I offer a free, no obligation, trial walk to every new customer, to which the owner is more than welcome to come and observe and that way be assured their dog will be happy, safe and fulfilled!